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Postcard set packing station

Mission Oxygen

India’s all-engulfing second wave of Covid-19 has hospitals overwhelmed and oxygen supplies falling short. With your help, FEATHER + MOON raised €510.70 for the life-saving work of Mission Oxygen!

Morgan & Grace framed

Morgan and Grace

The inspiration for this portrait arose after a particularly tough night shift in the NICU, knowing we would likely lose the tiny patient we tried so hard to save… but that didn’t stop us from trying. When I got home, I watched the season 5 finale of Fear The Walking Dead to decompress. There were…


Gratitude jar

No matter how dark the clouds, gratitude always traces itself into a silver lining. In the early lockdown days of 2020, Karen David challenged her social media followers to create a gratitude jar: to write down the things in life that you are grateful for, to manifest your gratitude in physical form. Tangible reminders for…