Single/EP cover art

Where music and art collide is where I’m at my happiest. Needless to say, this has been one of my favorite design projects to work on — especially with music as gorgeous as this solo debut by Krea.

I first met Karen Cowley, the vocalist and pianist behind the nom de plume, as one-third of Irish indie trio Wyvern Lingo. (Their sophomore release “Awake You Lie” was easily my favorite record of 2021.) When the band announced a break to focus on personal projects, she asked if I would work with her on the artwork for her forthcoming EP.

Karen has such a beautiful way with words and melodies. The stories and places that guided her songwriting instantly painted pictures in my mind. Inspired by her warm sound and lush layered vocals, I combined hand-drawn elements, watercolor, collage, and digital techniques to create the scenery for each song. Some of the designs were also brought into motion for use on social media and as a song canvas.

Have a listen to Krea’s music on bandcamp or streaming services. Stay tuned for her EP to be released later this year!