Gratitude jar

No matter how dark the clouds, gratitude always traces itself into a silver lining.

In the early lockdown days of 2020, Karen David challenged her social media followers to create a gratitude jar: to write down the things in life that you are grateful for, to manifest your gratitude in physical form. Tangible reminders for when you find yourself in a tough day or at the end of a year.

With all but essential stores closed, I investigated the grain and legume jars and tins in my kitchen, and concluded I’d have to find a recipe for the remaining spelt. Later that afternoon, I ended up with a delicious spelt-lentil salad with baby spinach, cucumber, feta, and mint, and an empty cork-topped apothecary jar.

My manual embossing label maker marked its new purpose. With a few sheets of printing paper cut into a stack of notes, I pulled out my feather pen and started writing…

I’m grateful for the generous kind of laughter that gives me a stomach ache.

I’m grateful for my cats — especially when they curl up like a pretzel or rediscover they have a tail.

I’m grateful for the barista taking the effort to compliment me on my outfit today.

I’m grateful for the wholesome energy of playing music.

I’m grateful for mama, who knows me better than anyone else.

Like gratitude in my day-to-day, I made sure my gratitude jar has a prominent place in my living room, holding little paper pieces of my heart like fireflies.