Journal: MIXED BLANK (A5)

This journal is made using various types of blank paper, giving it a unique aesthetic without compromising in versatility. It is excellent for daily diary entries, sketching, and documenting your travels.


Paper types:
Chalk paper (90gsm)
Nautilus 100% recycled paper (80gsm)
Woodstock Betulla Fedregoni (140gsm)
Cyclus Offset recycled paper (115/140gsm)
Corn crush recycled paper (120gsm)
Viking 100% recycled paper (80gsm)

Cover options:
Recycled kraft paper
Vintage music paper

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Journal with 40 mixed blank pages (20 sheets).

Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 21 × 14,8 cm

Vintage music paper, Recycled kraft paper


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