Danay Garcia Podcast

Podcast + content design

If you have a production company called “This Is Happening”, the world had better get ready for you! Actress, writer, and producer Danay Garcia decided to use the 2020 lockdown to connect. That idea blossomed into the creation of her very own Danay Garcia podcast. It was an absolute joy to work with her on the content design for her website (exquisitely built by Emer Kelly), Youtube channel, and social media content.

With Danay’s crystalline vision, genuine communication, and attention to detail, the design process was consistently dynamic and fruitful. The result is a podcast episode banner that stands strong on its own, and also suits her established branding identity. In addition, the same design functions as the base for the audiovisual content for social media. Each post displays that week’s featured guest with an animated quote from their podcast episode. For the video episodes, I designed thumbnails for the video episodes and previews on her Youtube channel.

In addition to the podcast, I am involved in the content design and development for the “seeds” section of her website. This is a wonderful little space where she shares her ideas on how to be the best version of yourself — and how to cook the most delicious Cuban food. (Run, don’t walk. You’re welcome.)

You can tune into the Danay Garcia podcast on your preferred streaming platform.